Quantim QMC Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller

Brand: Brooks Instrument

Achieve the most accurate, stable, repeatable and reproducible measurement and control of very low flow rates of liquid or gas with the new series of Quantim® QMC Coriolis flow meters and controllers from Brooks Instrument.

This third-generation Quantim® QMC Coriolis flow meter is engineered to improve process quality, production yield and throughput and reduce scale-up time from lab to pilot plant to production.

The devices use a modern IoT-equipped digital architecture that, combined with the next-generation sensor design, enables faster response time with little to no overshoot when adjusting gas or fluid flow, improved zero stability and expanded I/O options.

In addition, Quantim® QMC Coriolis flow controllers provide multivariable outputs, including mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature. They also include a suite of advanced alarms and in situ diagnostics that actively monitor the process to identify system issues earlier and alert operators when mass flow controller maintenance or calibration is required.
  • True mass flow measurement
  • Accurate density measurement
  • NEW I/Os: 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA, RS485 S-Protocol
  • Variety of material options, enclosure types and area classifications available
  • NEW easy-to-access external service port
  • NEW Quantim® QMC Coriolis series is form-, fit-, and function- compatible with prior Brooks Instrument Quantim® models
  • Process chemistry and/or process conditions can be altered without the need to change or recalibrate the measurement system
  • With an all-stainless steel construction, Quantim® QMC is compatible with most process fluids
  • Accessible via a 2.5 mm jack plug, the external service port coupled with our free downloadable Brooks Expert Support Tool (BEST) software, facilitates enabling the on-board alarms and diagnostics for enhanced process monitoring and predictive maintenance, simplifies installation, supports troubleshooting and calibration verification


UNF/UNC Connection

  • 5/16”-24 UNF

VCR / VCO Connection

  • 1/4” VCO
  • 1/4” VCR
  • 1/8” VCR

Environmental Protection

  • IP66XP
  • IP40
  • IP66
  • NEMA 1

NPT Connection

  • 1/4” NPT Female
  • 1/8” NPT Female

Tube Connection

  • 1/16” Tube
  • 1/4” Tube
  • 1/8” Tube
  • 6 mm Tube

Approvals & Certifications

  • ANSI
  • ATEX
  • Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • CSA
  • EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Per EN 61326-1: 2006
  • EN
  • IEC
  • PED: 97/23/EC “Sound Engineering Practice”
  • UL Recognized E73889

Operating Temperature

  • 0 to 60° C

Maximum Pressure

  • Standard Internal Valve: 500 psig
  • Optional Internal Valve: 1,500 psig


  • Temperature: ± 0.5° C
  • Density: ± 0.005 g/cc
  • Liquid: 0.2% of Rate
  • Gas: 0.5% of Rate

Differential Pressure Range

  • Liquid: 10 to 200 psi
  • Gas: 10 to 150 psi

Materials of Construction

  • Process Wetted: 316L, 316L VAR, High Alloy Ferritic Stainless and 17-7PH
  • Alloy C-22 Sensor Tube
  • Elastomer Seal: Viton® Fluoroelastomers, Buna, Kalrez or EPDM
  • Metal Seal: Stainless Steel and Nickel

Housing Material

  • Polyurethane Painted Aluminum
  • Aluminum

Power Requirement

  • 14-27 Vdc

  • Catalyst Research
  • Liquid Precursor Delivery to Vaporizers
  • Precision Coatings
  • High-accuracy Filling Stations
  • Metering Pump Feedback/control Loop
  • Vacuum Processes
  • Semiconductor Wafer Processing
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