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PD Flow Meters & Accessories:

If you're looking for positive displacement flow meters and accessories for petroleum, industrial or commercial applications, Brodie INTERNATIONAL and Robert S Hudgins Co. ensure you get the quality you require. A world leader in positive displacement flow metering, metering skids, loading racks, liquid terminal management and associated accessories, Brodie INTERNATIONAL products meet future and current standards for accuracy and repeatability with a .25% rate range.

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Choose from the following Brodie International Products:



Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters

Piston Control Valve

Strainers/Air Eliminators

Electronic Accessories

If the output required is electronic, choose from Brodie's state-of-the-art electronic accessories designed to fit their lines of positive displacement BiRotor Meters, Oval Gear Meters, and Control Valves.

  • Totalizing registers
  • Presets
  • Pulsers
  • Batch controllers
  • More

Mechanical Accessories

Choose from a wide variety of mechanical accessories to add even more operational power to Brodie INTERNATIONAL lines of positive displacement BiRotor Meters, Oval Gear Meters, and Control Valves. Providing an interface between the measuring units and receiving equipment, Brodie mechanical accessories give you the necessary tools for control, monitoring, and substantiation.

  • Totalizing registers
  • Ticket printers
  • Batch controllers
  • Frequency to analog converters
  • Flow rate indicators
  • Temperature compensators
  • Strainers
  • More

UMB Pulser

Need to adapt your mechanical flow meter to modern day control systems and electronic instrumentation that require pulse input signals? Replacing old fashioned mechanical stack up assemblies, the UMB Pulser can be easily fitted to your mechanical flow meter to provide an electrical output signal proportional to the volume measured.

Waterflood Vane Meter

Featuring a single moving part and corrosion resistant construction inside and out, the 79X Series was designed for secondary recovery water service or oil service. Protectively sealed against moisture and dirt, the register is a hermetically sealed unit with a magnetic drive.

  • Flow capacities from 7 to 75 BPH (1.1 - 11.9 M3/HR) and 3 to 30 BPH (.45 - 4.5 M3/HR)
  • Maximum working pressure of 5,000 psi (34,500 kPA) at temperatures as high as 180°F (82°C)
  • Accuracy of ±2.5% over 10 to 1 range, ±0.1% repeatability
  • No stuffing box
  • No wetted gear train
  • More
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