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Fluidic Techniques began operations in 1973 furnishing Flow Elements for large projects worldwide including Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Power Generation Plants, LNG Plants and Pulp & Paper Mills. We are the industry leader in the design and manufacture of Primary Flow Elements. Our wide range of products includes Orifice Plates & Orifice Flanges, AGA Orifice Plate Meter Runs, ASME Flow Nozzles & Flow Nozzle Meter Runs, ASME PTC-6 Flow Nozzle Test Sections, ASME/ISO Venturi Tubes, Fluidic Techniques' proprietary HHR Flow Tube, HHR FlowPaks and Accessories such as Condensate Chambers, Straightening Vanes, Flow Conditioners and other items.

Located in the Dallas Fort Worth area, our 36,000 square foot, modern manufacturing facility houses state of the art machining and welding equipment specially equipped for the precision manufacture of Primary Flow Elements. The facility is fully integrated with ten manufacturing bays, 20 tons of crane capacity, 28 machines, manual and CNC, capable of up to 60" turning radius and 16 welding machines including Stick, Wire, Submerged Arc and TIG. Also included are 20,000 pounds of power rolling equipment capable of handling up to 84" diameter. 

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