King Instrument

King Instrument Company first opened its doors back in 1983 with one major goal: To produce the finest variable area meters ever sold. At the time King occupied a 1200 square foot space in a multi-tenant building. With two small manual lathes, a cut-off saw and two drill presses they began production. The complete product line consisted of a total of 21 model numbers. A lot has changed since then and now King's 50,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has incredible capability and produces the finest quality variable area products in the industry. King has the flexibility to produce not only their standard variable area metering products but also products that meet the customers specific needs at reasonable prices and with quick deliveries. King Instrument is sensitive to the customer's requirements. In fact nearly all our products were designed in response to customer need with our own exceptional quality and distinctive style.

Contact Robert S Hudgins Co. now either (704) 841-7744 or toll free (877) 841-7744 or for help with your King Instrument product selection.

King Instrument Company has been certified by NSF – ISR to be in conformance to the internationally accepted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standard. Achievement and maintenance of this certification speaks of our on-going commitment to Customers to the delivery of quality products - on-time and hassle-free.We expect our focus on continuous improvement of products, services, and our relationships to translate to long-lasting benefits for our Customers, Suppliers, and Employees.


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