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Near Infrared Analyzers for Industrial Processes and Laboratories

Hi and welcome to the Robert S. Hudgins Co. We are proud to offer LT Industries line of Near Infra red analyzers to our company offerring. LT Industries is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of high quality Near Infrared analyzers for laboratory, at-line and on-line usage. LT-NIR can help you with your Laboratory and Process measurement needs, resulting in higher quality products, lower operating costs and greater process knowledge. With over 30 years experience providing measurement solutions for a diverse client base, we have the tools to meet your measurement requirements. Our analyzers are designed for 24 hour operation, measure in seconds, have stood up to harsh process conditions and measure a diverse set of products including: liquid, solid, powder, and slurry samples. Call us with any questions about LT Industries you might have.

Contact Robert S Hudgins Co. now either (704) 841-7744 or toll free (877) 841-7744 or for help with your LT Industries product selection.



Benchtop & At Line Analyzers

  • Validate product quality throughout the process
  • Increase testing capacity by measuring 20 samples simultaneously
  • Easy to use software with customizable interfaces
  • Scans are done in seconds and can replace many time-intensive assays
  • Cart mountable for analysis on the receiving dock or at line in the plant Learn more
  • Sampling stations for liquids, solids, powders, pills, and more Learn more



Online Process Analyzers

  • Measure and make adjustments to process conditions in real time Learn more
  • Monitor 20 points on a single analyzer for full process knowledge
  • Integrate directly into existing plant control systems Learn more
  • Enclosures are available for all IP and NEMA ratings
  • High temperature and pressure scanning probes Learn more
  • Sample conditioning systems available where needed Learn more
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