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Palmer Instruments, Inc.

America's first thermometer company originated in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer Instruments has steadily evolved through product development  geared exclusively towards industrial supply and process measurement.

From development of  the "Foster Cup" thermometer in 1880, through the radical improvement of  thermometer legibility by the patented "Red Reading Mercury" tube in 1929, to  today's temperature and pressure measurement innovations, Palmer has always maintained the  "first" tradition by bringing instrument value, service and quality to a broad  range of industries.

Operating from a new facility in Asheville, NC since 1987, Palmer has  developed special-application products such as Dual-Sensing and "Slip-fit" thermometers, and pioneered new industry services such as free lifetime recalibration on pressure gauges. With the recent affiliation with Wahl Instruments, and resulting consolidation of manufacturing in Asheville, Palmer Instruments looks first to the future.


Wahl Instruments, Inc.

America's  most innovative thermometer company was founded in 1953. Wahl instruments, originally based  in Culver City, CA, was formed to manufacture precision temperature instruments for  industry. Since then, Wahl developed the first portable digital platinum-RTD thermometer system and the first digital universal soldering iron tester to prove government compliance standards. Wahl was also the first to bring the industry a  portable, non-contact, handheld infrared thermometer at an affordable price point,  without sacrifice in accuracy and reliability. Wahl is also recognized for developing and  patenting the first miniature temperature  recording label. This useful, inexpensive and accurate product is found in thousands  of maintenance applications throughout the world today and is credited with the creation of an  entire industry grown in its path. Not content to be solely a pioneer, Wahl remains a  leading manufacturer of all these products. Wahl instruments recently became affiliated  with Palmer Instruments and has now consolidated all sales, service and manufacturing  operations in Palmer's newly renovated Asheville, NC facility. Here the innovative tradition will continue.

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