Insulated Piping


RS Hudgins Co. offers a complete line of insulated piping products suited to handle almost any application. Whether it be a cryogenic piping system operating at -350°F or a district heating system operating at 500°F, we can provide a custom designed system to suit the specific requirements of your project. Insul-Tek® Dual-Con FRP is the ideal system for use on those sites that pose the most difficult of conditions for an underground preinsulated piping system. The FRP system provides “double protection” for your underground piping systems. We can provide complete engineering and design assistance, including product selection, system design with review of system layout including pipe stress analysis. Our Fiberclad Containment Piping Systems utilize a corrosion proof exterior cladding of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.). The F.R.P. cladding is filament wound directly on to the exterior steel containment casing thus providing a 100 mil thick corrosion barrier on the steel containment casing.

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A trusted controls supplier since 1949, the Robert S Hudgins Co. continues its active involvement in product design, field testing, and extensive research into every principal and manufacturer we represent. Our goal is to effectively reduce maintenance costs and downtime that adversely affect your bottom line.




Designs Manufacturer
High Temp Dual-Con FRP  Insul-Tek
High Temp Dual Con Insul-Tek
High Temp Fiber Clad Conduit   Insul-Tek
Fiber Clad HT Conduit  Insul-Tek
Low Temp. 250 Steel Insul-Tek
Low Temp. 250 Copper Insul-Tek
Low Temp 250 FRP Insul-Tek
Low Temp Ductile Iron Insul-Tek
Low Temp HDPE System Insul-Tek


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