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For level control and level measurement of liquids, slurries and bulk solids, the Robert S Hudgins Co. offers you the highest quality control products for your level applications and industry. Choose level gauge, level switch, level transmitter, bubbler, radar, wireless, ultrasonic, and many other essential products that keep your level applications under your control. For quality products and one-on-one personalized customer care, call on the experienced personnel from Robert S Hudgins Co. for a solution custom tailored to your needs and objectives.

Call Robert S Hudgins Co. at (704) 841-7744, toll free (877) 841-7744 or email sales@rshudgins.com for personalized help with your level control and level measurement products selection.




Designs  Manufacturer
Armoured Gage  Jerguson
Ballcheck Valve Jerguson
Boiler Gage Jerguson
Bubbler King / Uehling
Capacitance Intempco
Conductivity Intempco
Differential Pressure Emerson / Rosemount
Displacers Jerguson / Magnesonics / Varec
Flashproof Level Jerguson
Flat Glass Gage Jerguson
Float & Tage Gauge Varec
Float Gauge Varec
Float Switch Jerguson / Intempco / Varec
Gage Glass Jerguson
Gage Valves Jeguson
Glass Shields Jerguson
Guided Wave Radar Jerguson / Varec / Intempco
HydrostaticTransmitter Intempco
LED Illuminator Jerguson
Level Gage Jerguson / Varec
Level Switch Jerguson
Level Transmitter Jerguson / Intempco / Varec
Magnetically-coupled Jerguson
Magnetostrictive Jerguson
Magnicator Jerguson
Mini-Magnicator Jerguson
Radar Jerguson / Varec / Intempco
Safety Gage Valves Jerguson
Safety Enclosure Jerguson
Servo Tank Gauge Varec
Tank Farm Management     Varec
Tubular Glass                   Jerguson
Tuninng Fork Jerguson
Ultrasonic JergusonIntempco
Vibrating Fork Jerguson
Wireless Phoenix




  • Bubblers
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Chests
  • Deaerators / Condensate
  • Process / Storage Tanks
  • Process Reactors
  • Stilling wells
  • Sumps
  • Tank Farms
  • Wells
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