Pressure & Temperature

Representing the world's leading manufacturers, the Robert S Hudgins Co. offers you the highest quality temperature and pressure measurement and control products for your air, gas, liquids, and steam processes and industry. Choose temperature switch, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, vacuum gauge, temperature display and other necessary measurement and control products for your temperature and pressure applications. Trusted for the quality of our products and appreciated for the one-on-one personalized customer care we provide, you can be confident our experienced personnel will deliver a solution custom tailored to your needs and objectives.

Call Robert S Hudgins Co. at (704) 841-7744, toll free (877) 841-7744 or email now for personalized help with your temperature and pressure measurement control products selection.

Quality. Technical Support. Competitive Pricing. A trusted controls supplier since 1949, the Robert S Hudgins Co. continues its active involvement in product design, field testing, and extensive research into every principal and manufacturer we represent. Our goal is to effectively reduce maintenance costs and downtime that adversely affect your bottom line.


Pressure/Vacuum Products


Designs Manufacturer
Air Pressure Regulators Leslie Controls
Digital Pressure Gauges Palmer Wahl
Flow-thru Pressure Transmitters  
Pressure Controllers Leslie / Alicat Scientific 
Pressure Gages Palmer Wahl
Pressure Indicators Precison Digital
Pressure Recorders Palmer Wahl
Pressure Regulators Leslie
Pressure Switches SMC
Pressure Transmitter Palmer Wahl / Intempco
High-Purity Pressure Gages  
High-Purity Pressure Switches  
High-Putrity Pressure Trasnmitters  
Steam Pressure Regulators Leslie Controls
Vacuum Gauges  
Vacuum Manometers  


Temperature Products


Designs Manufacturer
3A-Sanitary Sensors Intempco
Black Box Palmer Wahl
Dial Thermometer Palmer Wahl / Intempco
Digital Thermometer Palmer Wahl
Digital Temperature Gage Intempco
Drum Heaters Briskheat
Heat Tracing Briskheat
Heat Tape Briskheat
Heater Panels Briskheat
Industrial Thermometer Palmer Wahl
Infrared Thermometer Palmer Wahl
MIST Transmitter Intempco
Process Heat Briskheat
Ratio Thermometer Palmer Wahl
Remote-Tilled Thermometer Palmer Wahl
Remote Sensor Systems Palmer Wahl / Intempco
RTD's Palmer Wahl / Intempco
Sanitary RTD's Palmer Wahl / Intempco
Sanitary Thermometers Palmer Wahl
Sanitary Temperatrue Transmitters Intempco / Palmer Wahl
Temperature Controllers Fuji
Temperature Displays Precision Digital
Temperature Probes Intempco / Palmer Wahl
Temperature Recorders Palmer Wahl
Temperature Recording Labels Palmer Wahl
Temperature Regulators Leslie Controls
Temperature Switches Fuji
Temperature Transmitters Fuji / Intempco
T/C's Palmer Wahl / Intempco
Thermowells Palmer Wahl
Water Heaters Leslie Controls / Maxi-Therm


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