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Since 1949, the Robert S. Hudgins Co has supplied precise and dependable controls, instrumentation and processing equipment to many diverse markets. Choosing the right Controls Supplier can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your daily operations. The Robert S. Hudgins Co. can assist you in improving product quality, reducing maintenance costs and downtime resulting in lowering the bottom line.

As a stocking distributor and representative, we have concentrated our efforts on maintaining an attitude that is sensitive to your needs. We strive to offer the best combination of quality, technical support and competitive pricing. Challenge us and let us demonstrate how selecting the right Controls Supplier can make your life easier and your business more profitable.

What Are Your Needs?

Your business is unique. You need a supplier who understands that you need innovative solutions, not a cookie-cutter approach. The first thing we do at Robert S. Hudgins Co. is to try and gain a thorough understanding of your situation. What are your needs? Where is the application? How will our products interact within the application? What will it cost? Defining your needs is our first priority. Then, we tailor our products and services to integrate a solution into your operations quickly and smoothly.

The Right Products

From flow meters, instrumentation, control valves, level gauging systems, water heaters and Vaporizers, Robert S. Hudgins Co.'s product lines are selected to offer a wide range of products and services for both the large and small applications. To insure that your manufacturing process remains effective and efficient, we constantly evaluate our products, their performances and technologies. We research every principal and manufacturer represented and get involved in product design and field testing. At Robert S. Hudgins Co., we constantly evaluate our performances and procedures to make sure we are giving customers the best in products and services.

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