C100 On-site Multifunction Calibrator

Brand: Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc

Designed with a close collaboration with industrials, C100 integrates all the necessary functions for adjustment and maintenance of process.

Its ergonomic design and its embedded software allow C100 to be a high performance calibrator and very easy to use.

IP 54, full protected by an anti-shock sheath, with "easy-connection®" terminals integrated, a very contrasted backlight display, it will be comfortable to use in all conditions.

Its elastomer keypad protects it from dirty and grease marks, the keys allow to use C100 with gloves.

It has 10 working configurations recorded by user or user group, to always find the good configuration for designed and repetitive jobs.!
The Wahl C100 is able to simultaneously measure and generate on 2 isolated channels. 

It has a wide high-contrast backlit display for use in low ambient light conditions. 

The C100 is able to measure and generate voltage, current, frequency, resistance signals and also resistive probes and thermocouples. 

It also measures pressure when used with optional external pressure modules. 

C100 Calibrator is supplied with protective boot, 6 testing leads with crocodile clips, quick charging battery system, neck/shoulder strap, stand for desktop use, and User Manual.
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